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Alexa Cabral is a 18-year-old singer-songwriter and indie/soul-pop artist from Boston, MA. She thrives on live shows, and has been performing since she was a young teen, participating in the All You Got Tour and Performers on the Go events. She is also a lead singer in the Performers on the Go rock bands Synco and Catching Arrows. She's been in shows all over New England including Hampton Beach Seashell, Faneuil Hall, Loretta's Last Call, Hard Rock Cafe, Sonia, and many charity and community festivals. With five new original songs written she will be actively releasing new music throughout 2021 and 2022. 

Her single, "Sleep all day", delves into the frustrations and emotions culminating from a relationship split, and how it floods you with memories you can't shake. You feel the tossing and turning through the relationship phases, and the need to escape the psychological hoops, and face a future absent of crushing turmoil. The power pop sing's hook loaded chorus, "I been sleeping all day, and I'm crying all night cause I can't do anything right." provides the visual and emotions of the anguish striking. 

'Sleep All Day‘ from Boston’s young and passionate singer Alexa Cabral, is a whirlwind story about how a relationship ending can really break you down and make you think twice about yourself, when it all falls on your shoulders. The time to healing starts and having the strength to realize that things happen for a reason — is absolutely paramount to loving again — the way you should. -Llewelyn Screen, A&R Factory

The songs "Sleep all day" and "10 reasons why were written and produced by Soulshock Productions, a Grammy nominated production company from Demark and LA.

The latest songs released have over 57,000 streams and the "Sleep all day" music video is approaching 10,000 views. 

Her 2021 single “10 Reasons Why” is a sumptuously accomplished and mature track which slots seamlessly into Alexa Cabral’s flawless flow of pop releases since 2018’s “Summertime” single. Beyond her ability to faithfully translate the permeating zeitgeist of her narrative, what is most striking about the new single, is the internal logic, consistency and density of the songwriting. This track is not a fragmentary timeline of ideas and thoughts but an uncompromising and obsessively fine-tuned project that is so relatable. 

There is a beguiling laser focus that rips through the entire track; from the impressionistic lyrical delivery that oscillates with a blue-printed rhythmic certainty – starting quietly, but quickly building into an assured and granular production which purifies itself throughout the record with the choppy hi-hats and washed-out synths. Above it all, Alexa Cabral’s crystal clear voice resonates with emotional nuance as she unfolds her 10 reasons why.-Jamspere (Click to read full review)

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"Back to black"
"House of the rising sun"
"I see red"
"Tennessee whiskey"
"Jar of hearts"
"More than a feeling"
"Happier than ever"
"Bad moon rising"
"Shut up and dance
"The Chain"

"10 reasons why"
"Sleep all day"
"Need to know"
"Hands up"

Alexa Cabral has an ability to gracefully move about on stage while showcasing her powerful gritty and deep rich tone. She grows with each performance, and eloquently shows her passion for performing with a fun loving attitude, making her fans eager to flock to the stage after each performance. "Sleep all Day", is flavored with a contemporary pop aroma. You know after one listen it is destined for strong radio play and high streaming activity.-Performers on the Go, LLC


PERFORMERS ON THE GO: "Sleep all day delves into relationship turmoil"

JAMSPERE:  “10 Reasons Why” lives up to lofty expectations!"

A&R FACTORY: The healing starts now: Emerging Boston Teen Singer Alexa Cabral is hurting after unexpected heartbreak on 'Sleep all day". 


BLENDER BOOK MAGAZINE: Alexa Cabral, 16 years old and already a hit on the clock with "SLEEP ALL DAY"

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